Friday, May 20, 2005

dance of india

: "dances of india

i wish i could write like Smt Shanta ji.

i saw a clip of DD Bharati of the Khajuraho festival. This year I could not see and keep track of the festival due to the tsunami in andaman and nicobar islands. I saw the some jyoti srivastava performing ODISSI dance. The stage was nice. Temple in the backdrop illuminated by the lights looked magnificient. I always cherised the desire to perform at that stage. But alas for that one has to be a good class performer. And I am not that well. Also I have not got opportunity to continue my learning of dance under a GURU. Though I keep Smt Shanta as one of my GURUs but she dont take credit. Though I give full credit to her for kindeling interest in me for nice writing and to improve my style while performing. Means when I read her articles covering the performance of great dancers, through them i come to know some points to keep in my mind while performing lest to invite her critic, imagining that she is among the audiance. So i consider her as a factor for improvement. that means she has been My guru.

The dancer performed the abhinaya on the stage. but often i think that these stage do not provide opportunity to show our abhinaya prowess. It can be improved if Screens may be provied on the sides of stage at which maginified or close up could be shown to the audiance. But then it will distract the attention of the audiance from stage to the screen. Thats why the abhinaya aspects are better shown in t"

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