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प्रभु जी मेरे अवगुण चित ना धरो Prabhu ji mere avgun chit na dharo: said a Dancer to Swami Vivekananda

प्रभु जी मेरे अवगुण चित ना धरो  Prabhu ji mere avgun chit na dharo:
said a Dancer to Swami Vivekananda ji
Do you remember? I had read it in a book 35 years back. And this remained with me ever since.
Our India a land of great peoples. No doubt that Swami Vivekananda ji is Yug Purush as we can refer to him but he was born as Narendra Dutt.
Since then i had imagined how that lady, the dancer singer would have looked like? Any guess?

Here i wish to highlight the greatness of a lady, a woman, who as per then social perception was a dancer, courtesan and looked down upon by society. Since i dont know what exactly common people thought about her, but by listening and reading what people still today say about any woman or girl who dances on stage, gives me hint about what people back in those days might have thought about that lady. Obviously she might not have chosen dance as her profession by choice? It was forced upon her either by birth, or by forcibly kidnapping a girl or poverty. Other than these no other cause was there that had forced a girl to enter the profession of dancing girl, knowingly that what society at large perceived this profession.

No matter what was circumstances but few of such lady or women have shown how to shine in glory with their intelligence, will power or loyalty or love for nation.
Ajijun Bai, Hussna Bai of Kanpur, Most famous names which i have read are Rai Praveen of Orcha, a princely state of Madhya Pradesh. other one is this RoopKunwar or Lal kunwar i dont know correct name but she was the dance girl or Courtesan in court of a princely state of Rajasthan. There are two instances referred about Swami Vivekananda ji. If you google about it we get 2 links. One relates for this incident happened in Jaipur. Other relates it to Raja of Khetri. This later may be more authentic as Swami VivekaNanda met and became close friend of  Raja Ajit Singh of Khetri. He was the sole person who created a SWAMI out of Narendra Dutt, I think so. I searched for the wordings of this song but i got various types of references many were full of mistakes.

following paragraph i have taken from Wikipedia, why?
since in today's time people tend to believe this website (wikipedia or google or ?) more than my writing anything, that i have read, learned over last 50 years. Earlier in our India many things were taught or handed down by generation to generation through ORAL Tradition. Now days people have started asking for proof. Best example is of Shri Ram. Few in our secular India ask give any proof of existence of Shri Ram or few ask give any proof of Temple at birth place of Shri Ram. On other hand being asked about their faith and their belief they referred to something written 1400 years ago. In same breath they ask give proof of Mahabharat, Ramayan, or any thing which we have with us even Ved? Vedic literature Puran, Upnishads? all are a matter of faith or without any proof. So i dont know whether wikipedia or google will be considered as proof? or not?

Swami Vivekananda visited Khetri twice more in his lifetime— in April 1893 and in December 1897. In 1893, Vivekananda stayed in Khetri for three weeks— from 21 April to 10 May.[9]
An incident that happened during his second visit, which was later widely analysed, relates to Ajit Singh organizing a function where a courtesan was to sing. Ajit Singh invited Vivekananda to attend the performance but Vivekananda refused the request, explaining that he was a monk and thus could not attend such performances. The dancing girl heard about this comment and at the function she sang a famous song by Sur
O Lord, look not upon my evil qualities!

Thy name, O Lord, is Same-Sightedness.
Make us both the same Brahman!

The incident was an eye-opener for Vivekananda and he realized that everything is but the manifestation of God.[13][14]
On 9 May, one day before leaving for Bombay, Vivekananda was asked to visit the women's section of the palace where he blessed Jai Singh, the newborn son of Ajit Singh.[11]
this copy pasting also contains the links etc so that if anyone wishes to click it will lead to those links referred in this article on Wikipedia.
these two friends exchanged letters also. 

But still we don't have a picture of that dancing girl who sang a song that enlightened Swami Vivekananda ji. It was a simple request from a dancing girl to a Swami, that being a swami you should be unbiased? and dont look at my avagun, bad virtue or karma etc you are a swami and  like a God. Since God even don't discriminate why you are doing so?

Later in that song or through that song she said so many things, all were very true but they were the bitter truth prevalent in our society of that time.

प्रभु जी मेरे अवगुण चित ना धरो..
समदरसी है नाम तुम्हारो..
नाम की लाज करो
प्रभु जी मेरे अवगुण चित ना धरो..
एक नदी एक नाला कहे,
मेल हो नीर भरो..
गंगा मे मिल कर दोनो
गंगा नाम पारो
प्रभु जी मेरे अवगुण चित ना धरो..
कांटे और कलिया दोनो से,
मधुबन रहे भरो..
माली एक सामान ही सीचे
कर दे सबको हरो
प्रभु जी मेरे अवगुण चित ना धरो...
मदिरा पिए छोड़ गंगाजल..
व्याकुल मन हो गयो है पागल

मन मे रोग गारो
हो गुरु जी
मन मे रोग गारो
सूर श्याम की कृपा बिना..
कोई जग मे
ना सुधारो ना सुधारो ना सुधारो
प्रभु जी मेरे अवगुण चित ना धरो
प्रभु जी मेरे,
अवगुण चित ना धरो...
ना धरो,
अवगुण चित ना धरो..
चित ना धरो...

Try to search wording of this song and if you get a correct one kindly post it here.
Also it's sad that we don't have photo of that singer on the other hand we have photos of Raja of Khetri and also of Swami Vivekananda ji.
But how did she, a dancing girl, but according to me a great soul look like?

 But its a very sorry tale that we have picture of Swami Vivekananda and also that of Raja of Khetri, but dont have photo of singer?

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