Monday, June 08, 2009


Today on 8th June 2009 The sad news was that the pillar of Indian Theatre passed away. He was the one who singlehandedly worked for preserving and development of the Indian school of drama. Once I had an opportunity to watch a “naatak” on doordarshan (thanx to the ISRO satellite) directed or so to say created by the Shri Habib Tanveer. Since then I was having or craving to meet him in person. But due to other obligations in life I could not take risk to run away from my home and meet him. At IIT Kanpur campus during those days I did not know anybody who would have had interest in dramatics so that we could have invited him in IITK to perform. The most important things which attracted me towards his creation were 1. The language idiom was totally TRUE HINDUSTANI even the local/folk language was given prominent place in his plays. 2. Most of the artists were of his area. Once I had read that few of them were not professional but were common men who occasionally take part in his drama. 3. Singing was also true to the earth(down to earth) that means the music always has local folk flavor. 4. Experimentation was also there may I say so that he tried to explore or establish that drama or theatre can survive without the HINDI or ENGLISH. And theatre is a way of life and can be always be a part of our life. He slightly matched with the screen presence of like SOHRAB MODI in Hindi silver screen. The voice modulation and style was somewhat similar.
Another such person who has worked to uplift the Indian, or Bharatiya traditional elements of our golden heritage of theater traditions was RATAN THIYAM.
The play where artist portray the bazaar of AGRA, That was based on the life of a poet or writer Najir Akbarabadi, the black gram seller asked the Shair to write few lines for him so that he can sell more in tha bazzar likewise other vegetable seller also approaches him to do him this favour.
I also remember two dancers who sang and danced on the folk theme song in the play. He played a role of thekedar (with accentegue symbol on both e’s) in TV serial “Kab tak Pukaroon” if I am correct. Where my favourite Sushmita Mukherji played a role of gypsy girl and Pakaj Kapoor also acted. He suited for the role.
It is really sad that a person of such a stature passed away.


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nice blog. All said correct

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having said that he was the towering fegure in the theater arena