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Ashoka, the tv serial

The known to all story of Ashoka is very different to what is being currently shown on the Colors TV.

The most surprising was the Amma ji of serial “Lado na aana is desh”. The Character of Amma ji was larger than life. But we do not complain since the TV serial or Natak to be exact should be filled with Drama. Unless a natak doesn’t has a drama element it is not complete. The character had an IMPACT, that will remain with me throughout my life.

Now this ashoka has started with aplomb. First few episodes were the best, As it happens with every serial. When I saw that serial runs for whole one hour. I was so engrossed with the idea that “now atleast a serious TV serial producer has born” The most incredible thing was that serial ran full for one hour without any break or commercial advertisement. Some serials were made only for commercial advertisement purpose. But when I found that there is no break I felt happy at heart. And thought to appreciate the producers. But mummy of Jaivardhan cursed the producers as now for whole one hour my son had to sit in front of TV and that too without any break. His final exams were approaching and we all were encouraging him to work hard and prepare for his exams. But now this Ashoka came and he would sit in front of TV for full one hour.

I was happy that atlast some serial has come with serious agenda to highlight the ancient Indian civilization and help it to regain its glory.

As once did the Ramayan and Mahabharat. The history of TV will be not without these two serials. History was made by HUMLOG. Then there were TAMAS, BUNIYAAD.

When Ashoka was aired without any break I thought history has been made. But I was proved wrong very shortly there after. Much to relief of mummy of Jaivardhan, my son.

The Chanakya has come ina new Avatar. The writer, screen play writer, the director, The dialogue writer, the set designer, casting director (I don’t know whether casting director had any role in it ?) all are to be praised.

Initially the Rani Dharma, Ashoka emerged as hero.  Artists did full justice to their roles.

The serial is best as of today as I found, be it concept, costume, DRAMA, suspense, Screen play, artists.

Actor who has played the role of Chanakya has actually tried to deep into the characterization. The dialogue rendition is very good. Credit can also be given to editing. The set designing reminds me the sets of Bharat Ek Khoj by Shyam Benegal, (I don’t remember if Nitin Desai was there). And then there was CHANAKYA by the “chanakya” Prakash chandra Dwedi ji.

The ashoka serial people have done lot of research on the topic.

I think TV has got/invented a KING. The artist looks like a king. (Not many can). He was first seen in rani Laxmi Bai. He played the role of king of Jhansi who married laxmi bai. Then he played the role of King Shuddhodhan, father of Gautam Budhdha of kapilvastu.

He played the role effortlessly. His gait and mannerism are shown like of a king. I could guess that he is a Marathi actor, due to his accent.

The fact that mother and Ashoka was not known to Bindusaar while they continued to ive in Patliputra was new to me. She was a daughter of a Shresthi of Ujjain, who followed the JAIN or jeevak lifestyle and/or similarly the wife of Ahoska was also from a shresthi of Ujjain.?? I don’t know?.

Till today I did  not  see much about Helena, the daughter of Selucus.

She was married to Chandra Gupt. Culture were different. Language might have been a great barrier. Isnt it? Interpreters were engaged or not? God knows?

Her son was also there, a completely new information for me. Not much was known to me about the Charumitra the wife of king Bindusaar.

The status of Chanakaya was larger than anything else. Once, a dwarpal was ordered not to let anyone enter without permission. Later Chanakya stood at the gate. On recognizing the Chanakya the dwarpal did not stop him from entering the palace. Since Chanakya had acquired a status larger like a king or kingdom. His devotion and faithfullness towards the Magadh- the mother land was quite extraordinary and well known throughout the kingdom. Even Kings could not disagree on that.

As we write in ACR- the appraisal forms for the integrity- Beyond doubt… often blindly we write it there. Lest there is a reason for otherwise….often in govt nobody dares to write such things.

Now I have started appreciating the acting of the lady playing the role of Helena. The screen presence( as we call it) combined with the background spells it magic. I am thinking who this expert lady is? Is she an Indian (anglo-indian) or a foreigner? If she is not from India then hats off to her courage and caliber.. She is a true drama artist. The face of cuckoo of old Hindi films comes to mind. But few of her gestures suggest that she if from other nation. But when she emotes and conveys the emotions through facial gestures it becomes difficult to imagine that lady actor do not understand the hidden meanings of words of Hindi? Though the accent has been kept un-indian..That actually  justifies the acting.

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Katyayan gaurang Brahmavarti Kanyakubj said...

In this serial we find stories of SACRIFICES the women had give in those times. Be it a RAJMATA, or a MAHARANI or a PRINCESS -RajKumari,. If all these highly placed women had to give their lives as SACRIFICE then we can imagine the life of common people(read women). The HELENA was daughter of Selucus and was married to Chandra Gupt so as to manage an ACCORD between Greeks/roman and MAGADH. There were MAHARANIs CHARUMITRA, RANI NOOR, RANI SUBHRASHRI all of them had to be Married to SAMRAT BINDUSAR due to one compulsion or the other. There were Political motives as well. Only the DHARMA or the Subhandrangini the MOTHER of SMARAT ASHOKA has been shown the wedding out of true LOVE (?). But still we find that there were QUEENS who were able or were managing KINGdoms here and there. Even Rani Jhansi Rani AhilyaBai Holkar, Rani Chennami, Devi Chaudhrani, had been there who did try to stand out in their times. They were Great.