Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Man ki baat All India Radio

Radio was there in India, but it was not in our homes actually. However in evenings the tune of #hawamahal in the neighbour's house told everyone in our building that time is 8:15 PM. Usually that was the time when in our homes people started preparing the dinner or few had it on that time. It was good that people had dinner while listening to hawamahal in radio of neighbor's house. If neighbours were benovalent then the sound used to be high so that all their neighbour's can listen, otherwise only the tune was on high volume and immediately sound was lowered so that they can not listen the programme. That raised BP of neighbour out of jealousy.
We had lost radio long back since 1980s when Doordarshan came into our homes with National Telecast/Broadcast. We saw that program when Smt Indira Gandhi asked Capt Rakesh Sharma how India looks from above. He replied that without any hesitation it is सारे जहाँ  से अच्छा Sare Jahan Se acha. i think it was in 1982? then another program which will be immortal for me was a program from Bombay where Noorjehan came to India and she sang. The News Papers printed headlines as She Sang!! Noorjahan Sang in India.  that programm was IMMORTAL MELODIES

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