Friday, July 15, 2005

self musing Dance Education etc

There was one Anna Pavlova the great Prima dona of Russian Ballet.

In the book written on her it was mentioned that there was a great academy of ballet in Moscow, Russia, In that academy students were taught many subjects same is followed in London- the Royal Ballet Academy. However in present Indian system it is lost. But we did have the system earlier in India where the expert dancers were master of Arts and taught many trades, the art of makeup, art of talking, art of manners, some MAGIC, art of body-building, art of cooking, art of decoration, The Subject like Languages, scriptures, mythology, about culture and people, psychology, Economics, poetry, for that literature and most important was DANCE and MUSIC.
Then only they could survive in the trade. And the tradition continued for centuries and handed over to the artists of present times in India.  Shri Vidya Niwas Mishra said once that Oral tradition was followed and in the process many things (written things) were lost, due to improper upkeep of records.
We have also read episode of burning of our Library (and treasure) by the INVADERS, which are known as Conquerors or expeditors or Warriors but they were BRUTAL INVADERS for INDIA. One of my friend from Middle East studying in Delhi always used to say "they came to teach culture and tradition to people in India". Means when they came here in INDIA all people here were JUNGLEE. ( I can not write the word TRIBAL since tribal word is plural and consist of many groups of people. MANY in India (a Free country) may be knowing what the list of tribal is. Tribal groups has its own culture and tradition etc.
Once the word "BARBARIC" tribes was used for these INVADERS, and this is correct for those who invaded INDIA.
So the system of education and literature was lost in India. Thanx to Some like RUKMINI DEVI ARUNDALE and KAMALA DEVI CHATOPADHYAY, the BHATKhANDE, PULASKAR who have made conscious efforts to revive and conserve these treasures. The Kalashetra is the only institution of that time which can be credited for preserving the Bharatnatyam and bringing some prestige to the art with reforms. There were also efforts to establish Bhatkhande schools at many places. The GURU RABINDRA NATH TAGORE is the sole example who has also established the teaching campus or the gurukul. the vishwa Bharti.
After independence there were many efforts in all parts of country to start some schools. BUT Again being the followers of the DURBAR politics many artists rushed to the NATIONAL CAPITAL and established their schools.
Kathak Kendra was established. Sangeet Natak Akademi, Lalit Kala Akademi, Sahitya Kala Parishad were all established with aim and objective of preserving and propagating our arts, we have got from our rich heritage.
One name shines is of Smt KAPILA VATSYAYAN ji. my charan sparsh to her. I am an admirer of her works. I don't know but i call her a Tapasvani or so to say a sage in modern days.
That IGNCA is formed with her efforts. I doubt whether i am correct or wrong, but once at IIT Kanpur i had read on a board that a Panel Discussion is organised with Smt Kapila Vatsyayan as a Panelist. It was almost more 25 years back. Since then I wanted to meet her and talk to her. Though i have listened her on TV many times.

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