Thursday, May 19, 2005

Eastern India

In May 19 TOI there was a news item (actualy a pic) showing the Governor of Manipu being garlanded by the students at Churachandpur district. Next to it an item titled manipur students to block NH 39. I was very much disturbed by it.
I had been fondly keeping the eastern part of India in my "mind" world. I had visited till Shillong and not beyond it. The name churachandpur reminded me of a town in Uttar pradesh. Since the name sounds familiar like chandrachur singh isnt it. Manipur princes have been famous through out our history and often Warrior persons may be having title as SINGH even in Manipur. I like very much the manipuri Dance, the lai horaiba. Thong Ta, Pong cholam etc. If I am not correct in spellings then please correct me.
I love the manipur songs the way of singing accompanied with the dance, often which is protrayed as tha dance of Krishna and gopicas, the ras leela etc.
And the Sankara impact on manipur, under which the Krishna bhakti cult has been swayed over the region.
Why the people of the region think themselves alleniated. (read un-indian). Often regions have their own people elected to the power, all of had

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