Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Poetry, Sanskrit, literature in India

where our poetry stands? in a nation where poetry was evolved many millenniums BC, yes-before Christ. Then Read it in light of the hastag? #NationalPoetryDay?
Are they pointing towards the Indian Poetry or they are pointing towards the poetry brought from an alien country to India? We should see our Indian literature in light of development of literature in other parts of world. Where was the literature of those countries when our ancient poets, created such a rich treasure. But in present times people turn blind when name of #Sanskrit comes.
Most of ancient works were in Sanskrit therefore those who don’t know Sanskrit cry loud and try to project our Sanskrit as something backward, and praise English? When English was born? But do they believe that any other language will not take place of English?
Chinese or French or German, Japanese? People speaking these languages do not read write or speak English? Even English of USA and UK are very different from each other.
Sanskrit in this land has played a role of unification of many cultures, faiths, traditions, local languages, philosophy, Music, arts, Architecture etc. How can we forget Sanskrit? It is our Root. Root to many Indian Languages. But due to some invaders and rulers we have been cut off from our roots. Thus new generation do not know about our great Indian rich Literature. Neither they study about literature in school nor they listen or learn in their homes. The past and present generation is to be blamed for that.
If ruling parties can decide that there should be reservation on basis of caste then they could have given the first place to Sanskrit among all our Indian languages. But politicians fought over languages also.
AbhinavGupta went to Kashmir and wrote in Sanskrit. Adi Sankaracharya from Keral went around India and communicated with people at various places. He created his treasures in Sanskrit. I mean in those times most of the works were written in Sanskrit. Sanskrit was the easiest mode of communication. From Kashmir, Kamroop-Kamakhya, Manipur(Sankar Dev), Ujjain, Magadh, Kashi-Banaras-now Varanasi, Jaipur, Baroda, Pune(poona), Mysore everywhere Sanskrit was understood by scholars. Discourses were done in Sanskrit.

Aryabhatt, Bhaskaracharya, Katyayan, Panini, Ayurveda, Kalidas, Chanakya, Jayadev, all wrote in Sanskrit. What is status of Sanskrit today?

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