Thursday, September 01, 2016

Urban Local Body Municipal Council Water Tax- duty of citizen

Today I went to the Municipal Council office to pay my dues of water charges. I came to know that first I have to get verified my dues from a clerk then deposit it at counter. After that I went in search of the counter on which I have to stand in queue. There was ward-wise arrangement. There was huge crowd, people in large number were there to deposit and clear their dues. For some time now Municipal council had inserted press release in NewsPaper that 31st August 2016 is the last date for all residents to clear their due of taxes and fees etc.
After a long wait my turn came, the clerk wrote something on back of a receipt, and then asked me can you deposit upto December 2016? I said yes. What else I could have said. While standing I saw many things. One person on my left side was standing and he wanted to know how much is due to him. Then I asked what this receipt is for? He replied that it is receipt of taxes due on the Hotel. That hotel was a famous hotel in city. Then billing clerk entered amount paid by that person with bill number and date. After entering the data she said still tax for the last nine month is pending/due.  I was having due of almost 12 months.  But the clerk asked me to pay due upto December 2016 on the 31st August? Strange is the situation.
In the public notice it was written that if dues are not paid by 31st August 2016 then Municipal council will start disconnecting water supply of the defaulters. I was little bit afraid, but since I was living in a Government quarters there was little confidence that they will not cut the connection. Still as a good citizen I thought to pay my dues.
Whereas, what about that Hotel? They are earning lots of money daily. They have big property in centre of the city. They have not paid their dues to the municipal council even when the last date was announced in News Paper and many special drives were taken out to collect dues and taxes. Still that Hotel was not afraid? Neither they thought to be a good citizen. I was surprised when the clerk at the desk said still had due of 9 months.
Now the most important thing is that Is the council, which is a urban local body, courageous enough to disconnect the water connection of that Hotel on 1 September 2016?
I was standing on the next counter both the clerks were sitting next to each other but this clerk asked me can you pay upto December 2016? I thought why she asked me to do this?  Why clerk asked me about advance payment and whereas the other clerk did not ask a Hotel to pay advance tax?
When I reached the counter to pay my dues, the person sitting there said do you have Rs 20? As my due was 720/- and I gave him a 1000Rs note. He returned the note and said I don’t have the change thus I cannot accept. I was aghast with the torture. Since for more than a hour I was standing in queues and running there and there to just pay my dues and when the moment arrived to pay this person is not accepting. And in few moments he will leave for lunch. As these employees are very particular about lunch hours? That day was the last date to deposit dues due to that only I was worried. I ran to accounts section. Who knows me there? I thought let me give a try as accounts section must be having Rs 20 change.

I asked where is cashier? I was told to go to a room. I went straight to the cashier and asked him whether he has change of 100 Rupees. Meantime I told all story. I don’t know but God was kind enough since that cashier was kind enough and gave me the change of 100 rupees and I was able to submit my due of water charges.

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