Saturday, September 03, 2016

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa, the name needs no introduction. We have always heard this saying that it is like showing a small Deepak to the SUN. means showing light to SUN. In this century she was the perfect example for this saying. Her name itself tells all, nothing is left to imagination.
I don’t know when for the first time I heard her name. But since the time I heard her name I considered her as someone most respected person on this earth. At this age of 50 years I very well can imagine the plight of a poor on street, that too in Kolkata, a leprosy patient with his pain on streets, where he is left to die by the society and his own family. She once said that once she saw a woman on streets of Kolkata whose body was eaten by rats. Can you imagine that picture, imagine that moment. Stand there and think what would have been the scene like where a woman is lying on side of street, her body eaten by rats. Imagine People walking on street and without noticing her plight. Few would have been going to take their bath in River Mother & Goddess Ganga and they did not help that woman. Few would have been going to some temple to seek blessings but could not help this woman. Doctors, Merchants, Brahmins, Common people, politician all were there but no one helped that woman, and we should accept that no one do help any such person lying on street. But then there was only Mother Teresa who tried to help that woman. In that moment Mother Teresa was a GOD for that woman. One sick man was lying in street, Mother took him to a hospital, there nobody attended to that patient and said that he is going to die why to treat further, it will be waste. The she thought to provide a shelter for such people where at-least they can die with dignity. Later she got a waiting passenger hall. where all such patients were brought 
Stigma or taboo was attached with Leprosy and such diseases. Even people were thrown out of their neighbourhood. Such people were living somewhere outside on the residential areas. Society of that time never ever helped them. They became humans devoid of any dignity due to that disease. Mother Teresa touched them and by this she gave those patients, destitute a Human like dignity. She was GOD for those suffering with the leprosy, her team of sisters worked, helped such patients. She established Nirmal Hridaya for Leprosy patients. I don’t think there is need to elaborate over meaning of this word fueZy g`n;.  I liked the word. It was appropriate word. Imagine why Mother chose this word. Why not any Christian or European name?
Mother established Shishu Sadan for orphan children. 
She arrived in India in 1929. She had earlier joined Loreto convent because she thought to work in India- Bengal to the fact that Loreto was working in Kolkata already. She must have heard of it. Till 1944 she taught and became Headmistress. The 1943 and aftermath of the Famine brought many truths of life in front of her eyes. As it happened with Gautam Budha, when he became aware of miseries of Human life, he began his search of TRUTH. Similarly Mother had a vision or a CALL of divine in 1946. Later she began work with poor since 1948 full fledgedly leaving the teaching at Loreto. Most extraordinary thing she did was choosing the Bengali sari as her dress instead of the loreto dress?
I was not born then. For me she was a true Indian. Her picture flashed on black and white screen of our TV. Those moments when she was on TV in our home seemed as “Divine”. We in India always say Paropkar sarvopari dharmah? ijksidkj loZksifj /keZA That means highest religion is helping others. That is the Humanity, helping humans. Mother Teresa always followed that as her duty thus she is a true Indian, Hindustani as far as I think. It is my personal faith. If I say collectively then I will be blamed. If I say Mother Teressa was a true Hindu, since she followed the highest principal of our dharma- that is helping others is highest dharma.
I think now everyone gets to know something about the meaning of Dharma, What is Dharma? Is it religion? No I don’t think so. She was following her own religion but she followed the Hindu word Dharma. That is “Serve all other people with love”. That is the main Dharma- Sarve bhavantu sukhinah. That means let everyone be happy.
I grew up listening and watching her on TV and reading about her in News Papers.  She told that what Jesus asked was give love. That means God was hungry for love or that means every human is hungry for love and when you give love to human in need that is the greatest duty. She was like a Goddess to me.
When she came and settled in India, she adorned the Indian saree. That is the most important decision she took. She aimed to work among the poor in Kolkata thus she wanted to become or look like them, there should not be any difference/discrimination thus she wore the same saree which those poor people always wore. She could have chosen a skirt or any other dress. But Her charity of Missionaries adorned all sister with the dhoti (saree) the way worn in Bengal. She was a hope for Orphans, destitute, Leprosy patients, and those poor who had no other door to go to.
Every poor was confident that Mother will always help them.

She served poor everywhere. Her team grew and reached about 150 countries across globe. It was very good and befitting on Indian part that she was awarded Bharat Ratna in 1980. She accepted the award on behalf poor people, those who are shorn out of society. On 5 Sep 1997 she left this earthy abode.
She was and is already a GOD for those who were shorn out of society.  She will remain a bright star an Angle in our History.
 I even today have full faith in the name of Charity  established by Mother Teresa. Now it is time which will tell whether we can take forward the legacy of Mother Teresa. Which other religion or Dharm will follow. Critics of her should do what she did for poor instead of criticising her. They should set examples to follow, they should help poor.

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