Tuesday, January 30, 2018

#Rajasthani #Traditional #FolkSong - #Chirmi - with #RavanHattha : B...

Have you heard about #RavanHattha? a string musical instrument but having a very unusual name? Ravan? it is a wonder how come such name was given to this instrument?

This is commonly used with #Rajasthani Folk Singing.

Here is a traditional song from our #Rangilo Rajasthan. When you entre Rajasthan we see ourselves surrounded with all kinds of vibrant colors. Different costumes full of colors, Turbans- Pag or Pagdi as I call it in UP, all are different in colors and even different styles. There are many versions of Turbans, Safa-Pagadi-Pags depending on regions of Rajsathan. As it happens in our traditional Indian Society even colors or dress code is different in various regions and sections of society. Even in America they had such differentiation.

The traditional songs reflect our daily life and various colors of Life. Have you seen Hindi film RUDALI? In our Indian traditions We have songs for occasions of sorrow? this is richness of our traditions. Same is said to be taught in Geeta or Mahabharat. As the soul the Atma never dies? it simply changes the Garb- that is body?

Fire cannot burn the Soul-Atma, nor any weapon can kill Aatma?

So these singers sing those songs that remind us of our own great traditional knowledge. We must hear, conserve them. before they die out? Just as a society, we have to help, patronize these art forms.

This reminds of Tradition of BHOPA and Bhopi singers in Rajasthan. They sing many songs in priase of lord also some fo the folk songs based on local stories that society has kept as treasure and passed on with Oral tradition. In India we have very rich Oral tradition of passing on knowledge from generation to generations.

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