Sunday, October 22, 2017

Mothers united at birth

Mothers United at birth. 
Birth is an even that Mothers only can understand. 
Just heard a soft crying sound, immediately my mind knew it’s a cry of a new born. Opened window to try to find where this baby is crying.
Saw at the balcony of house in front of my building a woman was standing holding a baby. The lady was lady of house. For a year now this family has shifted to our colony. The couple had a son aged approximately 5 years. The man often visited this house for two days in a week. Sometimes in holidays also. 
In past there had been few fights, oral exchange of heated words. War of words. Through those war of words I came to know that lady of house is second or third wife of that person. 
One day some one asked where Mr Reddy lives? I said I don’t know. Few days Later that person was there in that house where this lady of house lived. That time I got to understand that he is Mr Reddy and she was his wife and this person who had asked me about Mr Reddy is a known to person of Mr Reddy. Still I am presuming. 
One day another woman was sitting on that balcony and she was talking on mobile phone loudly. She looked somewhat elder to that lady of house. Little thinner than her, Nose ring ear rings and wearing salwar Kurta. 
After few days fight took larger proportion and grew into divisions in already settled colony. Few families were siding with this newly arrived family and few sided with other family. Signature campaign started. Both parties reached police station and complained to administration. 

On earlier Eid Mubarak gift had arrived for us from that house. But this fight ruined whole of atmosphere. Customary gifts of eatery and sweets stopped. Now Muslim brotherhood came into being. Both these Muslim families and few other secular families sided on one side few supported that lady who fought single handedly with that Muslim family. 
We who were neutral and had balanced view suffered the most. Since both parties thought of me as culprit. I mean both parties tried to maintain a distance from me.
I was safe I thought? My immediate neighbors told that police investigation was there.

For few days two or three ladies were continuously visiting this house, must be staying there as most of the times of day they are visible in that balcony. 
Feature wise they looked like sisters. One man who participated in fight had told that this man of house is his brother in law, as his wife is sister of lady of house. His wife was there too in this three.

As more light dawned we came to know that This baby was born to the son of that man of house i.e Mr Reddy from his earlier wife. I presume that the lady with nose ring which often visits this house must be first wife and she might be the mother of this young man who just became father.  

I had seen an old aged couple also visiting this house. Lady must be mother of lady of house. They stay for few days and leave. Dress of old lady also indicated that she hailed from Mopla (moplah) Muslim family. She was most gracious lady. 

The new born baby and his uncle have age difference of 7 years. Uncle of new born is son of grandfather of new born from second wife. 
Thus the mother of new born, two grandmother’s, and three aunt grandmother were there to buck up the baby and the mother. All these women are core of strength for this new mother. At this event of first birth to her she needs all experience and comforting, and these ladies are providing all that necessary for a new mother.
His father, his young boy uncle, his grandfather all were also there. 
That’s how family grows and binds together into a family bond.

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