Friday, October 14, 2016

Panna Dhai पन्ना धाय the name synonymous to loyality

पन्ना धाय Panna Dhai .does this name sounds familiar to you?  Just uttering this name "Panna" resonates within us what we call as Passion, love, duty, the greatest बलिदान BALIDAAN sacrifice! (In English, I don’t find good words equivalent to words of Hindi? May be due to my education?). 
Thus without going into dictionary, the word Panna is now has a meaning in our mind. This word does not need any dictionary in India… If one thinks that he or she belongs to India (Am I saying anything wrong ? any way we live in a democracy.  that means we are happy to disagree with thought of others-read fellow citizen) Panna means Panna, no other definition. 
The highest form of कर्तव्य duty, balidaan, faithfulness loyality. All embodied into one spirit which is known as Panna Dhai. The dhai maa of Uday Singh ji of Mewar.
If you are on this side of River Sindhu (Indus) then there is no need to tell what Panna is? It is like showing a Deepak to the SUN(?). सूर्य को दीपक दिखाना ? 
I saw the dadi sa दादी सा of TV serial Balika Badhu (बालिका बधु) playing the role of Panna Dhai in a play at their school, KV Jaitsar. And she is the perfect face to symbolize the Panna Dhai, as it comes to my mind.
A lady, working for Rajput kings, have to be loyal to the king (patron). She had a son (actually the history is silent about other details) the name often mentioned as Chandan.  When the Rana Sanga was killed. Few years there was problem. Vikramaditya son of Sangram Singh or Rana Sanga was made the ruler of Mewar. But due to temperament of vikramaditya, loyals of mewar revolted and kept him under house arrest type of thing. One of his relative was made the guardian, Banvir (a distant cousin). He assassinated the Vikramaditya the elder brother of Uday Singh. He then tried to kill child Uday, who was the next heir to throne of Chittaurgarh, Mewar. चितौड़गढ़ मेवाड़ 
People in Palace immediately informed Panna Dhai about this, She hid the child-Uday Singh, who was sleeping. With the help of loyal people she sent Uday outside of palace to safety. When Banvir triumphed and full of anger after killing Aditya, rushed towards the chamber of Uday and aksed where is Uday?. Panna dhai without uttering any word signaled towards a cot, on which a boy was sleeping. The Banvir immediately killed the sleeping boy. The Panna Dhai stood there without being able to cry for death of her own son. As a duty bound राजपूतानी RAJPUTANI she had changed cloths of her son and placed robes of prince on her son. She Sacrificed her son in place of UDAY SINGH. She immediately left the palace and took the young child Uday to several places seeking refuge. Afraid of the BANVIR several chieftains’ refused to save them. Then as it is said at Kumbhalmer, or Kumbhalgarh, The local Jain merchant gave them refuge and help. The Uday lived there in disguise, till he gained education (training). At right time many chieftains combined and recognized Uday Singh as their heir to throne of Mewar.  Today whole of Mewar royal family and we Indians also must respect her dutifulness and be gratefull to her honesty. Due to her couarge only we were able to get Maharana Pratap, for which Mewar held their head high.....

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