Monday, August 01, 2016

INS Vikrant a dream

An old photograph of Vikrant my father bought in MALTA, when the ship was sailing through Malta on its journey to India
The Hindu dt Aug 12,2013

On reading this article we were filled with mixed reactions. Years back we went on-board to see INS Vikrant- a mighty ship, a legend.
My father was posted in INS Vikrant and all through our childhood we have been hearing many stories about INS Vikrant. We felt INS Vikrant as one our family member. PN Mishra, SN Mishra, Kaushal Viswakarma, R N Singh and many more were part of INS Vikrant- i think this ship as their part of being.
My father was in a team of soldiers who were sent to UK to get trained and sail it back to India. When it was commissioned into Indian Navy 1961? Most respected Smt Vijayalaksmi Pandit visited this ship in UK. my father got his stamp collection album autographed by her. it was very nice signature in green ink?
lots of stories as to how it was brought back to India after rechristened as INS Vikrant from Hercules?
we felt sad when we heard that it was decommissioned.
Back in 1977 when i entered the ship it was huge in size, almost beyond my imagination. when my father lead us to its main deck, i saw he felt very energetic at that moment. He was telling about each and everything to us, so as to tell us everything about this ship and not one thing remains out of our knowledge?? each corner of that ship seemed to be his own. Since he spent large portion of his service on board this magnificent Ship- Aircraft carrier. there were large lifts which take airplane- fighter planes on the top deck. I saw many tractors there, that sight was amazing to me as a child.
I hope we get more larges ships to our Indian Navy. I think we need more than ten ships immediately. Navy should also think to use #solarenergy or Hydro-energy or energy from hydrogen extracted/separated from sea water? 

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