Sunday, July 31, 2016

Meena Kumari JI- a phenomena

मीनाकुमारी जी की जन्म तिथि पर and On BirthDay of most respected Meena Kumari ji. the most awarded actor. Most talented actor of Hindi films.
To understand this phenomena- a Super Star of Hindi Films one has to feel in heart.

i had collected 3 you tube videos on her click here

The day i saw Pakeezah, i started to dance. The Music, the editing, the dialogues, the settings, rushes of frames, Picturization all were superb and un-matched. As if, each frame was painted by a Painter with great care. The Character played by Meena Kumari ji came to life with her inborn talent to show emotion on SCREEN. When She cried i cried, When she smiled i smiled that was the connection with her& Her screen presence.   When she lowers her eyelids and looks at hero through the corner of eyes i felt as if i am doing the same....
All my classmates addressed me "Thare Rahio". All through my schooldays and even in college days i was laughed at by all my classmates. WHY? Because I danced on all songs of Meana Kumari ji and other songs also. But i was subjected to unnecessary taunts, comments. Even one uncle said that "your father will have problem for marrying you??"   This was the Most unexpected comment from most respected uncle who was my neighbour. We used to give keys of my house daily when all of us leave for school and my parents for office. When i danced at a dance competeition held at AND college, Harsh Nagar in Kanpur, as soon as i came out of the college gate, i heard a voice "Thare Rahiyo" it was voice of girl, who were coming out of gate. AND is the girls college. So it is not that boys always pass comments at girls. But Girls also pass comments??? is it true? But i think Girls got confidence due to the prevalanet thinking in society that dancing is a bad thing and that too a boy was dancing on stage, thus it was a collective endevour of a group of girl students of AND Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Kanpur.  I am higlghting the perception of society towards the art of Dancing !!! 

All my school mates knew and recognize me by the song "Thare Rahio" and नज़र लागी  राजा तोरे बंगले पर  "Nazar Laagi raja tore bangle par" also few remember me for "Inhi logo ne" इन्ही लोगों ने छीना दुपट्टा मेरा
But then this Saheb Bibi Gulam Happened. And we all were star struck by her acting skills. in the role of छोटी बहु  Choti Bahu. Her acting was superb. The greatest histrionics played ever by any actor on screen of Hindi Films. my respect goes to Shri GURU DUTT saheb also. He casted her in this role? But all her frames in films were unparalleled till today.

To this great soul of India- A bharat Ratna. i offer my pranam

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