Tuesday, February 17, 2015

best viewing without husbands at Home

Best days have come for housewives. now days housewives are having fun. how?
i was just leaving home for my office. I heard sound of title music of the TV serial DIYA aur Bati of Stat Plus. It was coming from next door house. One Bengali couple lives next door to me. Madam knows little Hindi but is a good singer of Rabindra Sangeet. I pointed out to my wife that I am hearing sound of that serial. She told that neighbour watches that serial and likes it very much. But at this hour she was watching that sounded somewhat surprising. around 9 AM in morning. I always try to listen sounds of Bengali music coming from their house. Either aunty or uncle both listen to good Bengali Music.
But the sounds of music of hindi Serial emanating from their house was a surprise. Uncle do not like BIG BOSS, He always tells his wife not to see Big Boss. But when uncle leaves for Office, aunty is free to listen, watch any serial she likes. Thanx to office timing and mostly the facility of REPEAT TELECAST. Serials which can not be watched in evening when the husband is present in home, can now easily be watched during the day time. That is the office time for husbands.
Now the housewives are having the best time in houses, if they can afford to. With the availability of DTH and Cable TV, housewives are exposed to unlimited entertainment, that too of variety. Bengali housewives watch bollywood music and Hindi, Telugu Serials on Cable TV. There are in-numerous of TV Channels on offer.
Thanx to EKTA KAPOOR, who is the most creative personality in India as far as i can imagine. Since 1982 i have watched TV (doordarshan) the metro channel for two hours was introduced initially. After wards with the INSAT satellite direct National broadcast was made possible. The whole set of serials/ programs BALA Ji tele films has produced must be the largest one. But most important thing was that all her serials were hit with the household ladies, not leaving behind the working ladies also. They did try to catch TV serials late night. And now with the recording facility on Set-top box etc has done good thing for those who can not watch in time, They can record and watch at their leisure time.
This time is the best time for ladies of house holds. They watch all sort of things at home. The PVR is i think has been left for teens and those who are not so teens but try to catchup with their lost days!!! the Adults men. Their wives are taken care off by the TV at Home. thus they are free to roam here and there in PVR complexes for fun???
Cable TV has globalised INDIA, Tamil/Telugu movies dubbed in Hindi  are being watched on many TV Channels. In any part of country one can watch TV of its choice in language of his or her choice.
Now the Computer Literate ladies has another tool in form of YOU TUBE. Many programs are offered and are available in form of U-tube(??). In another leap of steps there is no need of wires etc, the HAND HELD Devices are showing their magic everywhere. Now the iPad, iPhones, Smartphones, TABs, Phablets etc (names are many but space is less to list them all) are all become handy for watching the newest of entertainment materials. If ladies in house don't have smartphones then there is lots of problems to be faced by husbands. Thus nowdays the availability of mobile phones with the ladies at home is no more considered as a "PROBLEM" as to have a TV during 1980s was(??)
Even cases are in news now-days that wife has left home since there was no toilet in the house of husband(!!) so much of awareness among the society is there.
But little has we thought of the bad effect, ill effect of all this. People will point to me as to why I am thinking negative for new development.
But the truth is all the development of IT sector is showing its ill effect. A 8 years girl was found murdered. With the CCTV footage a culprit was suspected. The India fights Back a program on TV Channel LIFE OK shows all such programs. They claim that these are based on true incidents. Puja Gaur, Vikram, Shukla the shivshekhar of Balika badhu fame, anchor these episodes. Some of these serials are eye opener. One cannot imagine as how much deep the cruelty of a Human Mind can go. It is beyond imagination.
Is it due to breaking of Joint Family system? or is it something else?. May be lack of morality, moral education in family. Moral values are not imbibed in family. Lack of this education withing the family. Who is their in family to teach children about this?
Wife-in law cannot see her family of in-laws any more? In-laws can not treat nicely the daughter-in-law.
There is mistrust all over, everywhere.
Thus there is a gap, and this GAP is filled by unwanted things. These things takeover those gaps and we are even unable to notice.

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