Sunday, October 19, 2014

Name Game-- what is in name??

what is a name?? there was time when people used to fight if they hear a name sounding from enemy country. like when one said i am from MAGADH, what would have been the reaction of other person? similarly if one has said i am a LICHIVI then what person from MAGADH will think and how he will react? There was some meaning attached to name.
like when BanBhat had told that he is Katyayan. That means he is from that family.
When in book "BanBhatt ki atma katha" the word was described for Kanyakubj- that had a meaning attached to it.

Actualy if we search the dictionary of English language, what you will find the meaning of the word INDIAN?, have anyone tried???
But we keep on saying that our India... and we are proud Indian...
without knowing the meaning and the concept as to how the name INDIA was coined? who coined the name India? What was the meaning that time?
It was certainly different from BHARAT. 

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