Monday, August 22, 2011

Anna Hazare- He has seen the worst and has done the BEST

Anna Hazare is not something to be writenoff so easily. It is a movement which has gained momentum over many years in post independence ERA. lot of debate is going on in media particularly media

houses backed by special & privileged elite. In PRE- RTI ERA they were the watchMAN of wrong doings of governance and everybody. If they get any type of benefit they used to hide the facts and choose not to publish that. If they were unable to get FREE-Priviledges then they used to publish bad news and then only public used to know what has had happend or went wrong. POST RTI era it is not so. POST 1982, media bloom ttook place. And we have seen not only the Anna Hazare but many such things happening in glare of media. Gaziabad was in news, Delhi night scenes were there, acquisition of land and aftermath, struggle led by a new promising leader-IN-MAKING happened in west UP, a group of villagers met the PM in glare of media, National rallies of many parties were given coverage. Encounters we saw at border areas, we saw Terrorist attack in Mumbai, the most famous episode was the PRINCE who was rescued from a borewell, even politician grabbed the opportunity that time and list is endless. 

Famous media characters who have become media barrons now, LOBBYIST-lobby, all of them have grownup in front of us only. We saw all of them growing through the media. They must praise media, but cannot writeoff Anna Hazare movement, as media created. One lady from Mumbai, a writer, whose audience is only METROsexual claims that this is just something which can be and should be ignored. It is perfectly alright for her to say since she is not something which India resembles, India is much bigger than that she and like her do not matter for India. They are "minuscule population" just few, countable and only English knowing population. And we know how many people know English in India. May b 5% or how much?? Few media houses asked "team anna" [as they have been termed as by media?] that who gave you Authority to standup for India?. You are not getting support of 120 crores of people. Before asking such question from Anna Hazare ji they forgot who themselves they are? Who gave authority to these media houses to ask questions? and that too from Anna Hazare? What percentage of population out of 120 crores is with these media houses. MINISCULE is the answer. Where ever you see now in all channels on TV there are so called ELITE who grab the opportunity and utter something or the other.  Why the govt does not have a strong lokpal rule after so many years of independence. Where were all these intellectuals and media then?
Anna Hazare is from village. He has seen the worst and has done the BEST, than anybody else can do.
He is hope for crores of people, the COMMON MAN of India, who lives in Rural India  not just middle class. As many people are trying to paint his movement as such. Before saying they must do introspection. what they have done for country, their community, their society- what is their contribution?
Anna Hazare has said that before anything one must have the pure thoughts, pure "Aachar" आचार विचार  there is no translation in English for this. Action and behavior etc can be replaced and added. One must be NISHKALANK निष्कलंक  means must have a spotless Character/life, then only this movement be true in spirit.  This movement is historical. and has become a world history event. do what may no body can write if off. this is just like second SATYAGHRA  सत्याग्रह  on the lines of beloved BAPPU ji. completely non violent. This will become a role model for all the counrties, they are looking at us. We must grow up and try to resist spontaneous reactions. GRAM SWARAJ ग्राम स्वराज is linked herewith.  He after retiring from Armed Forces settled in his village. First of all he targeted the drinking habit. With his image of Ex-serviceman, he gathered few villagers, who became his close associates. Together they forced to close those illicit/illegal alcohol selling shops in village. With this many homes were saved. Few young or youth also volunteered in his works. What his works are. opening school, making education must for all children girls and boys both. with community work making roads/paths, temple, school yard, Gardening, Ponds. Water body management.  Thus making structures for Rainwater Harvesting. All these efforts were initiated by Anna Hazare himself. In these works he took help of all villagers, All villagers helped him since they knew or had trust in him that whatever he is doing is for betterment of this village and good for villagers. Just like Guru Rabindra Nath Tagore, Anna Hazare established or transformed his village into an Ashram kind of place where all people lived and worked together. That was the original idea behind the Gram Panchayat or Gram Swaraj. From there Panchayat movement gained momentum. Panchayat got powers, many powers are now have been delegated through 73rd or 74th amendments in constitution. Thus he can be considered as a pioneer for Gram Swaraj ग्राम स्वराज. He has now become a towering figure just like nay historic figure of folklores. What for he is fighting? he is doing all things for betterment of his village and its people. Once a time he used to punish villagers, but villagers had faith in him. So he succeeded in changing lives fo villagers. Our villagers are very innocent an simple people. 

Those who say that it is a middle class movement are ignorant about the problem. It is we who face the problem of corruption all our life. Those sitting on news channel don't know and are not aware of the problems we face. it is their culture to be in one lobby or the other and work for corporate, which do not goes with true ethos of Indian thought of swaraj. There was hue and cry recently when tapes were leaked in media about the lobby business. Those who are at that level never face corruption since it is inbuilt with their working. We face the brunt of this corruption,
The widow pension scheme is implemented. Nobody knows how many widows do get their due pension and that too IN-TIME, I know that they spent more than half for just in transportation and rest goes in the pocket of the BABU. same story is with family pension, OLD AGE or senior citizen pension scheme, there is no data, but only we have the personal experience to tell as to how we face the difficulty. My father is an Ex-Serviceman, has to face similar kind of thing when he wanted to get his pension. My grandmother also got family pension after fighting. She almost forgot when for the last time she got any pension. After so much travelling & fighting in Excise department, travelling in Shahjahanpur, Hardoi, Kanpur etc offices we got her pension restored. Lots of things more to just get the benefit, that too at the fag end of her life. 
When I went to university employment bureau for registration, the babu straightaway demanded that do something for my tea etc. meas straightaway he demanded money from me for just registering my name in the employment bureau. 
God knows how many students from rural areas suffered at that employment bureau. But thing is we were not aware enough so that we could lodge complain, and I did not Know where to lodge such complain?
yesterday Kiran Bedi ji said that Now at least we can hope we can DIAL 101 for complain against corruption. I faced corruption in revaluation of answer books at BSc. I saw for my self that how few students got good numbers whereas I had to suffer since i did not have backup from family. that also means the MONEY.
Lets hope this movement help us in formulating a good lokpall bill, so that it can be a deterrent for corruption. Long live Anna Hazare ji

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